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Staff profile

Ida works as the communications and impact officer for the Sustainable Poverty Alleviation from Coastal Ecosystem Services (SPACES) project

Profile summary

  • Impact activities
  • Community dialogues
  • Public participation
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Environmental Education

Ida works on the Sustainable Poverty Alleviation from Coastal Ecosystem Services (SPACES) project that takes place in Kenya and Mozambique, acting as a bridge between the researchers on the project and the in country teams. She works closely with the impact teams in both Kenya and Mozambique, and helps develop and carry out impact strategies. This includes helping to plan participatory community dialogues in Kenya and Mozambique and planning for 1-1 meetings with development actors in the regions.

Ida also manages SPACES new project to develop an ‘Ecosystem Service and Wellbeing Intervention Screening Tool.’ SPACES research users, such as development actors, policy makers, and donor organizations, will be able to use the tool to explore SPACES data to help them make the most inclusive and constructive interventions in the region. The tool will be co-produced with SPACES team members and research users. Ida and the SPACES team will launch the tool at the 2017 WIOMSA conference.

Ida holds a Masters of Science in Environmental Science with a focus on environmental communication and management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Her studies focused on how to increase public participation in decision-making, environmental conflict management and facilitation, and communication strategies.

For her Master’s thesis, Ida studied environmental education programs; a comparative case study of two schools following Keep Sweden Tidy’s Green Flag program. She investigated the environmental practices taking places in the school and compared the practices in terms of which ones gave the students ownerships and allowed them to transfer these practices into their lives outside of school. Lotten Westberg was Ida’s thesis supervisor.

Ida received her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from The George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs in 2010. Her studies focused on diplomacy and conflict management.

In between her studies and before joining the SRC, Ida worked as an English teacher in Ho Chi Minh City and Stockholm.


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