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Tove is working with gastronomic landscapes in a transdisciplinary project, and explores leverage points for food system transformations

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  • Food system transformations
  • Sustainable gastronomy
  • Gastronomic landscapes
  • Social-ecological innovation
  • Sustainable business strategies
  • Multilevel and socio-technical transitions
  • Agri-food networks

Tove is currently working as a research assistant together with Line Gordon and Carl Folke, and is focusing on issues related to food system transformations and gastronomic landscapes, and is studying how actors within the Swedish food service sector collaboratively develop green market niches, innovative solutions, and sustainable gastronomy.

Tove’s research aims to explore methodologies that can catalyze transformative action and new production and consumption patterns. This will partly be done by testing and co-develop approaches (e.g. transformation labs, table talks), together with chefs, producers, food marketing specialists, wholesalers and other food professionals that are forerunners within the Swedish food [service] sector. Ideas from the action-learning field, theories of change (e.g. diffusion of innovation, scaling up/out/deep), and results from her thesis underpin the research, with the goal to further the understanding on how to scale social-ecological innovation and attractive solutions for a sustainable and tasty future.

Tove holds a MSc degree in Sustainability from the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme from Stockholm Resilience Centre, and has an interdisciplinary background in economics, social and environmental science. Parts of her bachelor studies took place at a distance from South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya, and she did an internship at Growth Analysis’s Tokyo office, which is commissioned by the Ministry of Enterprise in Sweden. In Japan she was working with multi-stakeholder round-table discussions, interviews and workshops, to compare and learn from Japanese policy and governance of multiple critical topics for future policy generation (e.g. research and development, sustainable energy systems, and innovation).

Tove has been a rapporteur at the EAT Food Forum 2015, working with guidelines for healthy and sustainable diets, and multifunctional landscapes and seascapes. She has experience from conducting natural field experiments and nudging studies on behalf of GreeNudge, and has been assisting Bioversity International and an interdisciplinary research team to co-develop a research agenda with city representatives from Milan, Curitiba, Copenhagen and Accra, for example.

Tove is working with the strategic development of women’s lacrosse, as the head of development of the Swedish Lacrosse Association’s board of directors. She is currently developing a junior programme, as well as a collaborative sports exchange programme together with the company Plantagon International and Onandaga Nation, through the ‘Sweden Haudenosaunee Lacrosse Alliance’ (SHLA).

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