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Amanda is working with the EAT-Lancet Commission as a postdoctoral fellow

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  • Public policy
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Comparative policy analysis
  • Food policy
  • Collaborative governance

The EAT-Lancet Commission will assess the scientific evidence to determine whether the global food system can be transformed into one that feeds a growing population a healthy and sustainable diet.

Amanda will work with the EAT-Lancet Secretariat to help coordinate this research. She will also contribute to the development of policy recommendations resulting from the findings of the report, and she will be involved in the further translation of these recommendations into roadmaps of action for different stakeholder groups.

Amanda first started researching nutrition science while studying at Indiana University in the United States. After moving to New Zealand, she shifted focus to public health and public policy. At the University of Auckland, she completed her Masters and PhD in public policy, specifically focusing on stakeholder engagement in food labelling policy development processes. She is most interested in understanding how stakeholders can influence complex policy-making processes.

Awards and achievements:

  • Fulbright Student Award, 2010

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Wood, Amanda
Wood, Amanda
Wood, Amanda

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