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Eny Buchary started as Post-Doctoral Researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre in Nov 2012, working on global seafood trade and small-scale fisheries

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  • She holds a PhD in Resource Management & Environmental Studies, in 2010 from University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada
  • Has been involved in various projects and research activities related to ecological, economic and social aspect of fisheries
  • She serves on the Fisheries Advisory Council of Fair Trade USA

Eny earned her PhD in Resource Management & Environmental Studies, in 2010 from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. During her 15 years residency at UBC Fisheries Centre both as a graduate student (MSc and PhD) and researcher, Eny was involved in various research activities and interdisciplinary collaborations with global collaboration networks (Indonesia, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Chile, Mexico, and USA) that focused on the ecology, economic and social aspects of fisheries.

After finishing her PhD, Eny decided to go back to her native land, Indonesia, and joined The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a US-based environmental NGO, for their Indonesia Marine Program (TNC IMP). As Deputy Director for Marine and Fisheries Policy at TNC IMP, Eny’s main responsibility had been supportive of the Coral Triangle Initiative, a multilateral endeavor between six countries in Asia Pacific, which Indonesia is a part of.

Eny also served as TNC's representative in related international conventions around Indonesia’s international agreements and commitments, such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Fisheries Working Group, Coral Triangle Initiative Regional Exchanges on Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (CTI REX-EAFM), and Western and Central Pacific Ocean Tuna Management NGO Forum. In a couple of CTI REX-EAFM events (2011 and 2012), she also became a member of Indonesian delegate.

As a fisheries ecologist/fisheries scientist by training, and interdisciplinarian by design, Eny's work experience and research interests concentrate on the intersection between human (socio-economic-cultural) systems and natural (ecology) systems in a marine context, and the interplay and cross-scale dynamics that emanate from these areas of investigation.

In her post-doctoral research, together with colleagues at SRC and elsewhere, Eny is working toward developing a typology of pathways by which small-scale fisheries are affected by global seafood trade in order to elucidate factors that likely determine the outcomes of fishery-global seafood trade interactions. This would represent the first step in developing a diagnostic framework to identify how trade affects local social-ecological systems under different circumstances, with the ultimate goal of informing improved governance for sustainable seafood trade.

Eny has been an Honorary Research Associate at UBC Fisheries Centre since 2010; a member of Too Big To Ignore: Global Partnership for the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries since 2011; and serves on the Fisheries Advisory Council of Fair Trade USA (since 2013) to help advise the implementation of standards and pilot testing for the Fair Trade Certified™ Capture Fisheries Program - the first global effort to introduce Fair Trade principles to wild catch marine species.


Buchary, Eny
Buchary, Eny

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