van Holt

Assistant professor

Affiliated researcher, Behavioural dynamics and natural resource-dependancy

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Staff profile

Tracy is employed within the Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere programme between January-June 2014

Tracy is an assistant professor at East Carolina University in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment and at the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy.

Her research focuses on the social and behavioral dynamics or interactions of natural resource-dependent communities under different configurations of landscape and seascape change, market dynamics and spatial features.

Tracy’s goal in human-environment research is to link individual perceptions and behaviour to larger-scale earth observations and ecological data. She uses a full range of traditional and new anthropological tools, including ethnography, social network analysis, cognitive methods, geospatial analysis and text analysis to characterize human behaviour, perceptions and societal structure.

She has been a NASA Earth System Science Fellow, Fulbright Scholar and Rotary Scholar. She also was awarded the inaugural Marianne Schmink Award for the Outstanding Dissertation in Tropical Conservation and Development.


van Holt, Tracy
van Holt, Tracy

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