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Johan is a PhD candidate researching civic engagement in urban environmental management

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  • Stewardship
  • Sense of place
  • Urban governance
  • Social–ecological network analysis
  • Social innovation

Johan’s research focuses on how people collaborate to reach their goals, and what role local people play in relation to public agencies and other actors in an urban context, specifically cities. He studies this by looking at two cases in two parts of the world:

In Bangalore, India, Johan’s research analyzes how local resident groups and networks try to reduce negative impacts of rapid urbanization on the environment in general, and also on urban lakes in particular. This work focuses on the emergence and spread of such initiatives, as well as how they scale up and influence formal governance structures.

In New York City, USA, Johan studies local community groups working to preserve, restore, or other forms of stewardship activities in relation to urban waterways, waterfronts, and bodies of water. This work focuses on how these places are accessed and used, what people value about them, and how this influences environmental engagement.

Johan also co-supervises two MSc students at SRC, and works with Erik Andersson on the MSc-level course “Urban Social-Ecological Systems” (15 ECTS).

Johan has a MSc. in Ecosystems, Governance, and Resilience from Stockholm University, and a BSc. in Environment and Development from Södertörn University. Both programmes included transdisciplinary approaches to environmental problems. This helped Johan become experienced in both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Throughout his training, Johan has focused on people's efforts to collaborate, manage, and protect green (and blue) areas close to where they live. He has conducted field work in: New York, USA (2016); Bangalore, India (2011-2012 and in 2013); Zanzibar, Tanzania (2011); and Babati, Tanzania (2010). Previously, Johan has worked as a project coordinator at an engineering consultancy.

Johan plays a central role in SRC’s collaboration with researchers at the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University, and at the NYC Urban Field Station of the US Forest Service.

Ailbhe Murphy, MSc candidate
Johanna Jelinek Boman, MSc candidate

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Enqvist, Johan

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Enqvist, Johan

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