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Research news | 2017-11-28
How urban greening and civic ecology projects can improve human well-being and restore crucial ecosystem services
Research news | 2017-09-27
A study on New Orleans’ vegetation after hurricane Katrina highlights social disparities after natural disasters
Research news | 2017-02-27
New publication presents progress toward tools and approaches for working with diverse knowledge systems in ecosystem assessments
Research news | 2016-11-17
The ARTS project launches a road map for scaling up local sustainability initiatives
Research news | 2016-08-30
How urban ecology can go from being a plot-based research activity to a global cross-comparative research programme
Research news | 2016-07-05
Green infrastructure can reduce environmental vulnerability of cities
Research news | 2015-09-21
Centre researchers featured in Ecological Society of America most influential papers ever
Research news | 2015-06-17
Amid climate change, restoring ecosystem services in urban areas not only environmentally sound and good for health but may also be financially smart
Research news | 2015-06-05
Special issue highlights the social importance of ecosystem services in urban areas
Research news | 2014-10-31
In one year the book has been downloaded more than 145.000 times in more than 100 countries


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