News about Marine ecosystems
Research news | 2017-03-09
Study looks at relationships within small-scale fishery market systems, moving beyond economics transactions and fisher-trader connections
Research news | 2016-12-09
New study looks at commitment to fisheries regulations and why it is a matter of quality rather than quantity
Research news | 2016-04-21
New study in Nature Communications models global connectivity of the entire planet’s ocean surface
Research news | 2016-01-22
PhD thesis looks at the social-ecological dynamics of long-term changes in the Baltic Sea
Research news | 2014-12-17
How the rise and fall of the Soviet Union contributed to marine regime shifts and a transition in governance
Research news | 2014-11-28
Centre PhD-thesis uses seabirds as indicators of changes in marine ecosystems
Research news | 2014-08-05
Increasing exploitation of ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction present serious governance challenges
Research news | 2014-06-16
Unusually large populations of the land-living bird found on island in the Baltic Sea
Research news | 2014-05-06
How theories of innovation and agency can explain the emergence of Marine Spatial Planning
Research news | 2014-03-25
Consistent misreporting of fish catches in the Baltic Sea has severe consequences for marine ecosystems
Research news | 2014-02-21
300 international case studies prove investing in ecosystem restoration pays off
Research news | 2014-02-05
Five features that can improve conservation efforts within marine protected parks
Research news | 2014-01-31
A strategy for implementing ecosystem-based fisheries management in the Baltic Sea
Research news | 2014-01-22
How Interpol and international networks join forces to stop illegal fishing
Research news | 2013-12-10
Mangroves provide important protection from wind damage during storms
Research news | 2013-10-24
New model to develop scenarios of complex marine social-ecological interactions
Research news | 2013-06-14
Nutritious small pelagic fish should be used more in human food, not just animal feed
Research news | 2013-05-24
Eco-certification of aquaculture products has potential, but should focus more on a growing Asian market rather than Europe and the US
Research news | 2013-05-03
How adaptive governance helped pull back illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean
Research news | 2013-04-09
How China under-report fish catches in foreign waters
Research news | 2013-02-28
Chwaka Bay in Zanzibar struggle to move towards sustainable fisheries

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