News about Forest management
Research news | 2017-03-13
Researchers identify connections between extreme drought and self-amplified forest loss. Forest diversity reduces risk of such loss
Research news | 2016-11-29
Study explores what a greener Sahel means beyond just satellite images – a social-ecological explanation
Research news | 2016-10-12
A researcher's road trip on dusty roads, sleeping on floor mats and gathering data on a quest to halt desertification across the Sahel region
Research news | 2016-03-23
New study examines environmental and institutional fit of REDD+ in rural Mexico
Research news | 2013-06-27
The controversial outcomes of farmland abandonment
Research news | 2013-06-19
Establishment of protected areas based on threats instead of strategic plans for sustenance
Research news | 2013-04-12
Smarter forest logging based on knowledge of habitat connectivity can curb biodiversity loss
Research news | 2013-01-08
Forestry and nature conservation can benefit from higher tree species diversity

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