News about Food security
Educational news | 2017-03-15
Master's student conducts study in remote Himalayan village to understand agriculture development
Research news | 2017-03-10
Multifunctional landscapes can counter equity problems connected to agricultural intensification
Research news | 2017-02-21
The impacts and benefits of agricultural landscapes are more visible through a resilience framework , new study argues
Research news | 2016-12-26
Urban expansion will result in a 1.8-2.4% loss of global croplands by 2030, says paper in PNAS
Research news | 2016-12-20
New study looks at how shocks like political change, natural disasters, diseases and overfishing have affected capture fisheries and aquaculture worldwide
Research news | 2016-12-14
“Keystone dialogue" between scientists and seafood-industry leaders creates breakthrough in ocean stewardship
Research news | 2016-11-03
New grant from Formas will fund research on how to sustainably increase production and consumption of seafood in Sweden
Research news | 2016-09-26
Former PhD student turns to sci-fi to envision the future of our oceans
Research news | 2016-08-29
Why global agriculture must become key contributor to sustainable development rather than largest driver of environmental change
Research news | 2016-06-16
Why transnational corporations must become more important in global fishery management
Research news | 2016-06-16
Johan Rockström and leader of the Norwegian Labour party Jonas Gahr Störe call for better management of the world oceans, essential to protect future food supplies
Research news | 2016-06-14
Johan Rockström and Pavan Sukhdev present new way of viewing the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are all linked to food
Research news | 2016-06-14
A new EAT-Lancet commission launched to tackle the global food system’s role in malnutrition and global change
Research news | 2016-03-23
New foundation will promote transformation for healthy people on a healthy planet
Research news | 2016-03-23
Improved water management could boost agricultural yields and halve global food gap by 2050
Research news | 2016-02-15
Study investigates the science behind claims that fisheries support food security and help in poverty alleviation
Research news | 2016-01-25
More holistic landscape management can help secure both food production and ecological functioning
Research news | 2014-08-21
Does aquaculture add resilience to the world’s food portfolio?
Research news | 2014-05-30
A successful first forum raises expectations for the second
Research news | 2014-02-14
Sustainable solutions to future food challenges requires a transdisciplinary approach
Research news | 2014-01-09
Six steps to boost organic farming in countries around a strained Baltic Sea
Research news | 2013-12-19
Changing diets and growing urban areas lead to greater reliance on risky food imports
Research news | 2013-11-28
Opportunities and challenges emerging from increased aquaculture production
Research news | 2013-09-05
Smarter water management crucial for Uruguay's growing livestock production
Research news | 2013-06-25
New approach can make target on protecting crucial ecosystem services easier to assess
Research news | 2013-06-25
Strategies for food production reveals conflicts between international aid and local tradition
Research news | 2013-06-14
Nutritious small pelagic fish should be used more in human food, not just animal feed
Research news | 2013-05-24
Eco-certification of aquaculture products has potential, but should focus more on a growing Asian market rather than Europe and the US
Research news | 2013-04-30
Not enough freshwater for both food production and carbon sequestration
Research news | 2013-01-31
How Maya civilization can inspire contemporary urban food security

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