SES Modelling and Visualisation Lab
The Modelling and Visualisation Lab facility at the Stockholm Resilience Centre provides a research facility for several research groups within and potentially also outside the SRC.
The laboratory aims to provide support and stimulate research and innovation by integrating social and ecological approaches, as well as combining qualitative and quantitative methods. It also aims to develop methods for cutting-edge research in some selected areas where we perceive synergies between the currently applied ICT technologies and SES research.

To achieve this, the lab serves as a "hub" connecting a set of research groups facilitating new transdisciplinary research approaches. These include for example combining different quantitative methods to study SES from experiments to network analysis to dynamic modeling to generate a multi-faceted understanding of SES. It is also a place for mutual learning and exchange of experiences in modeling SES.

The Lab aims to integrate social and ecological data and combine qualitative and quantitative methods to increase scientific understanding of social-ecological systems.


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