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Nanda Wijermans is a postdoctoral researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, working in the ERC funded research team SES-LINK headed by Dr Maja Schlüter.

Her research focuses on feedbacks between human (cooperative) behaviour and ecological dynamics in social-ecological systems (SES) as well as their implication for SES resilience and governance. She is also working with methodology side to enable cumulative scientific research across disciplines (framework development).

At the SRC Nanda is working on an iterative process of designing a framework for modelling support and studying SES feedbacks which will be fed by a case project ‘irrigation in Bali’. In this case, Nanda models the impact and interactions of the social and ecological environment on collective action within and between communities.

Nanda's background is in artificial intelligence and research experience in agent-based modelling of complex systems of crowd behaviour and water policy dynamics. She has a strong interest in social complex systems and in using computer simulation to gain a better understanding.

In addition she is working to stimulate modellers to interact more about their hands-on work, while encountering their questions and difficulties at the time of model decision making. In her view it will impact the quality of the work, save time, increase cross-fertilisation and make the work even more fun. As an active member of the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) this is operationalised in terms of workshops (ESSA@work).

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